Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Review Recruitment Policy for Bureaucrats

The recent disgraceful incidence of Mr. Anil Verma an I.A.S Officer on diplomatic assignment to U.K. accused of assaulting his wife has caused great embarrassment not only to the nation but also disrepute to our administrative services. Media has so far projected the version of Mrs. Verma for her physical abuse but the statement of her husband which provoked his unbecoming conduct is still awaited to fully appraise the situation. Nevertheless. It is a most unbecoming conduct of a person in a very high position particularly representing India in a foreign land. An Officer of I.A.S. Is trained and entrusted to prevent and prosecute persons accused of such incidents in the areas under his charge. If he himself indulges, he is not fit to hold the office.

The Administrative Services of India once reputed to be the steel frame and cream of the society are gradually degenerating in their conduct and performance in recent times. It is pertinent to point out that these Officers are selected through a most stringent process of academic and personality tests as well as verification of their character and reputation. After this they are subjected to rigorous training in administrative and field areas. The IFS, I.A.S and IPS Officers thus evolved are expected to be role models of personal character,integrity and justice.

It is therefore, disturbing to see these days, IFS Officers accused to embezzelments,rape,IAS Officers of corruption and misconduct etc. And high ranking IPS Officers jailed for murders, rape and corruption. It is a very dangerous trend facing the the future of the country. It calls for a quick and elaborate review of the recruitment and training policies for Administrative Services so that we are provided clean and efficient rulers.

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