Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Divisive Provocation

The UPA Government has embroiled itself in many avoidable and unpopular controversies many of which are of its own creation. It is not clear whether these are deliberate actions or incidental but the fact remains about there negative impacts. The Government's dilly dallying in proceeding against A. Raja, justifying closure of case against Quatrocchi , mysterious standstill approach in bringing to book Suresh Kalamadi for his plunder during hosting of Common Wealth Games has destroyed the respect, confidence and faith of common man in the Government controlled and run by the Congress leaders.

The recent visit of Sonia Gandhi to see the paintings of infamous M F Hussain during the Art Gallery exhibition held in Delhi has hurt the feelings of the majority community. It is viewed as a challenge to the majority community of the country and its traditions. Hussain had been injuring the sentiments of Hindu community again and again by painting its Gods and Godesses in a most despicable manner till it exceeded the limits of tolerance and he had to move out of the country. He did not paint similar pictures of saints of his own religion which exposed his mischievous intent. Any person howsoever great and famous has no right to make mockery and caricature of any religion.

It is not understood what message Sonia Gandhi wanted to convey to the nation first by allowing these paintings to be displayed and then by personally visiting to see them and giving publicity about her visit. Is it not divisive politics and damaging communal harmony?

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