Monday, December 20, 2010

Onion and Tears

The astronomical rise the prices of Onions in a matter of three days is mysterious coinciding with the three days Plenary Session of the Indian National Congress party. Onions not only bring tears to the eyes but is associated with the jinx to bring down the Governments that fail to control its prices. The ruling price of Onions at Rs.50- Rs.90 per Kg. Could not have reached this level abruptly more particularly that it has many regulatory agencies viz. Nafed , Agricultural Marketing Society etc. Besides the Ministry of Agriculture at the Centre. The untenable explanation of rains at harvest time leading to the present situation does not go down the gullet. This fact should have alerted the concerned authorities immediately and appropriate remedial action taken well in time. Well let us see whether the jinx works this time also to dry the tears of the common man.

2. The various claims being made by the Government in regard to GDP, economy, industrial growth, rate of inflation, record agriculture production etc. Etc. Sound hollow when we find ourselves surrounded by all round increases in prices of food grains, petrol, fuel, consumer durables and all other consumer commodities. One had expected that the recent Session of Congress Party would take stock of national problems and announce policy directions. Unfortunately it was like a public rally where the sole agenda was BJP bashing and Hindu terrorism. It is a new precedent in the history of Congress Plenary Sessions. Let us hope that other political parties do not follow this.

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