Thursday, December 2, 2010

Why deny Visa to Musharraf

The decision to refuse multicity visa to Pervez Musharraf, ex-President of Pakistan who was invited to India in connection with a Seminar is ill advised and not a sensible move. This is likely to erode our reputation as a democratic country where there is freedom of speech, movement and profession. The reasons ascribed to this decision are that Musharraf was the person behind Kargil war, his anti-India statements etc. etc. One may ask the authorities in how many cases Visa has been refused to persons with strong anti-India stance? It is an established fact world over that two hostile neighbours would engage in blame games and hostilities. So the anti- India statements of Musharraf and anti-Pak statements of Indian leaders fall in the same category. Another funny reason being argued is that during his visit he will try to consolidate his opposition against the present rulers of Pakistan. Does it mean that it will affect our friendly relations with our hostile neighbour or Musharraf does not have adequate space in Britain?

2. One is bewildered by the double standards when our own nationals like Arundhati Ghose, Gilani, Mirwaiz and Shabir etc. make seditious speeches openly against the country and we fail to take actions under the law, we are apprehensive about the visit of Musharraf for a few days.Obviously he cannot do more damage than our traitors. Incidentally, he visited India twice after demitting Office. The action of the Government does not go down well with the common masses of India.

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