Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Right to Recall

The crusade launched by Gandhian Social activist Anna Hazre against corruption has not only galvanized the entire nation against this scourge but has also proved the might of people's voice. One of the most important outcome of this movement is the awakening generated among the youth of this country for active participation in national issues. So far this vital section of the nation had adopted a passive attitude towards national issues.
2. One of the most effective tool to check corruption and the corrupt politicians is the right to recall from public offices like Panchayats and Legislatures by the electorates. This is practised in a few democratic countries of the world to a great advantage .This keeps the elected representatives on high alert and only the honest and upright persons choose to stand for elections. Anna Hazare had pointed towards the need for this provision but not so effectively. Now that a non-political movement for cleansing the system has been launched and is in full swing, it will be appropriate to include this demand also before the enthusiasm subsides.

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