Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Let us be compassionate toArunima

It is most disgusting to find controversies being created by unscrupulous railway authorities about the cause and circumstances of Arunima's injuries in the rail accident. Here is a young and promising girl who is maimed for life and her dreams of future have crashed and who has lost her leg and is still lying in hospital. The entire nation has expressed sympathy and given liberal financial support for treatment etc. This would have been the response of the people in any other similar case and it should be so. But the insensitive Railway Police at this hour of her personal grief and healing process is rubbing salt on her wounds as well as causing mental trauma by countering her claims of travel and her qualifications. This is inhuman and unethical. At this point of time she needs rest and mental peace which is paramount for her recovery. The crime rate in Railways is so diverse and of such high dimension that no amount of detergent can wash its Police force clean. So some one should restrain it from making untimely and iressponsible public statements in the present case.

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