Sunday, April 17, 2011

Digging Dirt- Lok Pal Committee

It is disturbing to see that a most popular movement in the history of independent India against the cancer of corruption is being attempted to derail by some vested interests as they have flourished under the present system and do not want proposed measures to nip the evil. The corruption level in the country has reached the unbearable level affecting rich and poor high and low sections of the society. The mass uprising of the people against the scourge was spontaneous and without the flag of any political party. Unfortunately, it is being politicised for ulterior motives. The Committee set up to draft the bill is to concentrate on the mechanism of the Lok Pal and its operating system. It has nothing to do with the profiles of the members of the Committee.

2. Hardly one meeting of the Committee has been held and that two in a most amiable manner that the profits of doom have started firing dirty missiles at the members of Civil Society. Tomorrow, some other sponsored Group will retaliate with smear campaign against the government representatives in the Committee. It is a malicious diversionary tactics and should be condemned. The objective is to plug the cause of corruption and set up suitable enforcement machinery. We should focus on this and not asbotage it.

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