Friday, May 14, 2010

Sting Operations

The sting operation by Tehelka for Headlines today alleging Promod Muthalik leader of Ram Sene arranging riot groups for consideration is not only malicious but also an ex- party judgement decaring Rame Sene guilty when the State Government is yet to initiate investigations into the alleged charges. The sting operations by private parties is an assumption of extra territorial powers of investigations which is in gross violation of the State Authorities. The powers to investigate, prosecute and conduct trials are vested in the prescribed authorities as enshrined in the Constitution of India. As such no person or agency has the right or legal authority to conduct such operations. This is not to claim that Media should not expose the misdeeds of an individuals or organisation but the means adopted for the purpose should be legitimate. Recently we have have been condemning the actions of Khap Panchayats in assuming extra territorial judicial functions and on the same analogy we should disapprove the sting operations. Any latitude in these matters will dilute the authority of the Government and lead to confusion and chaos.

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