Monday, April 26, 2010

Pakistan's sudden love for Ajmal Kasab

Pakistan has suddenly developed love for one of the Pak sponsored butcher in Mumbai carnage as they have formally made a request to Indian Ambassador in Pakistan for his repatriation. It is the same government that had refused to accept that Kasab and his 9 accomplices were Pak nationals. The bodies of the 9 bodies have been buried in an unknown place as Pakistan refused to accept them. The trial of Kasab is at the final stage and based on unassailabe evidence he will in all probability be awarded death penalty. Should we presume that in that eventuality, Pakistan will accept his body for last rites on Pakistan soil. Pakistan government is making a mockery of international diplomacy by their dramatics. If there is some sense of shame left in them, they should hand over the conspirators of 26/11 to India as the crimes were committed by them on Indian soil.

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