Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Haryana's Kangaroo Courts

The news about Caste Courts plan to march to the Capital against the award of death sentence to 5 persons accused of murdering a young couple who married within the same gotra is indeed disturbing. It is not only a demonstration of the open defiance of the established judicial process of the country but also justifying the extra constitutional authority of dispensing kangaroo type justice. This type of behaviour is nowhere prevalent in the globe and can hardly be accepted and tolerated in a civilised society. It is also a fact that every community has its distinct set of codes of conduct for its members and violation of which can at best invoke ex-communication which is the extreme punishment. No community or a social group can award corporal punishement.

The State of Haryana where such incidents have taken place recently is proudly known for its progressive farmers and patriotic youth who have been decorating our Armed Forces with their legendary tales of bravery and supreme sacrifices to uphold the integrity of the nation. It is, therefore, unexpected and unacceptable that they should take the law in their hands for a limited social issue.Even if they need to maintain their social traditions, this should be done through social reforms by persuation and goodwill and not by force. The proposed protest March is ill timed and ill conceived as they will not only lose public support and respect but also come in conflict with the established law of the land.Let Swami Ramdev and Swami Agnivesh spare time from their TV programmes and instill sense of responsibility in the minds of misguided Khap activits.

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