Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Naxal Menace

The brutal murder of above 80 of our highly trained patriotic Jawans by the treacherous Maoists in Chhatisgarh has shocked the entire nation. This has also shaken the faith of the people in the competence of the Government to handle the security issues under political framework. Home Minister Chidambaram who has been making tall claims every day to annihilate the Maoists in Chhatisgarh and terrorists in Kashmir stands exposed and has lost the right to the Home Ministry. He is adept in shifting the blame to State Governments for every security lapse as if he is in charge only of his personal security and that of his home.

2. The insurgency in parts of India has developed and progressed because the agencies responsible for handling have neither been given free hand nor involved fully in strategic planning to combat. This movement is like a war like situation challenging the integrity and sovereignty of India and it is the Armed Forces and para military organisations which have been raised and trained to handle these types of situations. They require full powers without any interference or restraints from any source whatsoever. It is unfortunate that in a sensitive issue of national integrity, political groups within the country under the garb of human rights have been indirectly and directly thwarting the efforts of our dedicated forces to contain militancy. The Armed Forces given full powers (in fact additional powers) and control will smash these anti-national elements within a week or two.

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