Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nuclear Security Summit

The much hyped Nuclear Security Summit in Washington,part of a series of dramatics of Barack Obama after he assumed presidency of America proved a damp squib in its objectives. It is ironic that the need for nuclear safeguards have dawned upon the developed nations after the developing nations are nearing the nuclear capabilities. Until then the monopolistic regimes did not feel the need for safeguards but on the contrary posed them as deterrent.

2. One fails to understand as to why India participated in such a meet whose inherent objective was solely American selfish interests and display of hostility towards Iran. Not that Iran 's past record towards India has been favourable and supportive but nevertheless, why should we succumb to the bullying tactics of Obama to act against Iran or for that matter any other country. The real apprehensions of nuclear weapons falling into terrorists hands emerges from Pakistan which is a hatchery of terrorism, a fact known to the entire world. Obama has been playing dubious games by dumping money and weapons in Pakistan ostensibly to eliminate Talibans fully conscious that bulk of it is being used against India. Not only that Obama has been instrumental in diluting our humanitarian and development works in Afghanistan to please Pakistan. It is obvious from the past many actions of Obama regime and Hillary Clinton's stance to equate Pakistan with India in Nuclear Treaty that we should keep a distance from them and follow independent course of actions in our foreign policies. Obama has proved an unreliable ally and we should not be under any illusions.

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