Sunday, March 28, 2010

Congress Allergy towards Amitabh Bachan

One is really bewildered to find the extent of degeneration in our political organisations these days. There is no room for decency or etiquette left and the only yardstick is to condemn and criticise the opponents or those who try even a courtesy handshake with the opposing political leader. The recent reactions of Congress Party leaders towards Amitabh Bachan is a classic example of their childish Behaviour. That the Chief Minister of Maharashtra was snubbed by the Congress leadership for sharing the stage with him has not brought any laurels to the party but has in fact lowered its image and respect in public mind. The real reason for this being cold personal relations between the Gandhi family and Amitabh. All other reasons being advanced in defence are fictitious. Is it a democratic party or dictatorial organisation where all the members are to follow the personal likes and dislikes of the head of the party? Even the most dictatorial regimes in the world do not go that extent.

2. Amitabh Bachan is a living icon of Indian Entertainment industry who has become immortal in his life time by virtue of his achievements like Lata Mangeshkar and few others. He is not only Brand Ambassador of Gujarat but the entire country. In fact he is equally popular and respected in other parts of the Globe where people even do not understand our language. He, therefore, deserves utmost respect and honour even more than the seasonal politicians who have neither the calibre nor the stature to equal him. Amitabh has no political ambitions and poses no political threat to the Congress Party. As such, they should act responsibly and with maturity.

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