Saturday, March 20, 2010

Need for Review of Indo-U.S. Bilateral Relations

That Pakistani-American LeT operative,David Coleman Headley the mastermind of brutal 26/11 Mumbai massacre will plead guilty to the charges framed against him by American authorities in order to get lighter punishment was a forgone conclusion known to every one in this country. This has exposed and confirmed the duplicity and insensitivity of the American authorities towards India. A man accused of massacre of more than two hundred innocent lives has been allowed to barter his nefarious crimes against humanity deserves strongest condemnation against the US regime and a re-assessment of future Indo-US relations.

2. Headley was a CIA agent engaged in drug smuggling activities who double crossed to Pak terror groups sponsored by Pak authorities. His numerous visits to Pakistan, Dubai and India could not have escaped CIA notice.CIA was also aware of the Mumbai attack plans and did not inform the Indian authorities. Even after he was nabbed by CIA authorities, they refused to allow Indian Investigators to interrogate him. Imagine a situation where an accused having committed crimes in America and India is caught and prosecuted in India and American Investigators are refused to interrogate him. The arrogant and unethical attitude of U.S. regime has not only antagonized and angered the common man in India but also generated a strong public demand for a review of bilateral relations. U.S.A should realize that it is facing similar reactions in Afghanistan and Pakistan due to its selfish policies.It seems they have forgotten the lessons learnt in Vietnam War. Barack Hussain Obama seems to be bent upon tarnishing the image of America world wide.

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