Friday, February 5, 2010

Resumption of talks with Pakistan

The announcement by the Government of India about its intention to resume talks with Pakistan has taken the nation with mixed reactions. In normal circumstances this move would have been appreciated by all peace loving people.But given the past experience and history of that country in regard to relations with India, one wonders whether it is a wise move. So far the stand has been to refuse any talks till the culprits of 26/11 massacre in Mumbai were booked. Pakistan has been dilly dallying the issue on various ridiculous pretexts viz. denying that the militants including Kasab were Pakistanis, proof about the attacks, DNA tests etc. So much so that they rejected the findings of the CIA investigations(who incidentally is ruling Pakistan by proxy).

2. It is,therefore, natural to feel surprised by the Indian offer for talks and the general impression is that it is under American pressure. The futility of the proposed talks is obvious as we do not know as to who is ruling Pakistan. At present it is neither the civil government nor the army. The ink has not dried from the Indian offer of talks that Pakistan is issuing conflicting statements about the contents and conditions. Simultaneously the militant groups have openly held a meeting at Muzaffarabad not without the official patronage and approval and declaring a so called holy war(unholy indeed) against India. So what talks and with whom and with what results?

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