Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fall from Grace

The sordid story of Andhra Pradesh involving an octogenarian Governor of the State alleged to have sexual exploits in return for material favours has not only lowered the image of political big wigs but has put to shame the ethical norms of our society as a whole. We seem to have accepted that in order to meet our selfish ends it is perfectly fair to offer any type of temptation. So it is not that means should justify the ends but the opposite. What ever may be findings of the investigations, if any, the fact remains that there were two parties in this episode. Whereas the focus of the media has been the Governor and his alleged deeds, there has been no condemnation of the provocateur of this episode. The media perhaps seems to be interested only in the salacious part of the story. The story was broadcast after the alleged promise of mining lease was not fulfilled. Had it been met then there was no problem and story.

There is need for serious consideration of the fact that in such type of incidents both the bribe giver and the receipient should equally receive public attention and condemnation.

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