Sunday, December 27, 2009

Unholy alliance in Jharkhand

It is a sad day in the political history of Jharkhand where no single party has emerged in majority after elections. This has resulted in proverbial commercial sale, purchase ,mergers,acquisitions and auctions for Government formations. The most distressing fact is that an accused charged with murder,corruption and money laundering will head the state. Most abominable fact is that of BJP which claims to be party with a difference lending support in this unholy alliance with an eye on the piece of cake. Has the greed for power overtaken the ethics, objectives and principles which were hall mark of BJP. After the series of set back this party received in the past one or two years. One expected it to have learnt lessons for its down fall. But they seem to be on self destructive path. It is known to all that this Government will not survive long as Shibo Soren is a maverick unfamiliar with loyalty and principles in life. There is a need for amendment to the law that in similar situations when no single party is in majority, President Rule should be imposed whatever be the cost. People pay heavy cost under the rule of a corrupt and unstable Government than otherwise/

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