Thursday, December 17, 2009

What is David Headley's real story

THE SENSATIONAL disclosures by Indian authorities of the nefarious roles of David Coleman Headley and the U. S. Investigative agencies in the 26/ 11 massacre are a matter of grave concern for our country.

Headley was allegedly a CIA agent engaged in drug smuggling who is later stated to have double- crossed with the Pakistan terror groups sponsored by the Pak government agencies.

This reflects not only Headley two- facedness but also that of US administration. If true, then it is horrifying that the US Federal Bureau of Investigation ( FBI) was aware about the impending attack in Mumbai but did not sound out the Indian government.

Further, they refused to allow Indian investigation team to examine Headley. The numerous visits of Headley to India, Pakistan and Dubai and the source of finance could not have escaped the notice of CIA/ FBI as he was their paid agent. They willfully ignored these facts which would have saved hundreds of lives and precious property. If such a conspiracy been hatched against US on Indian soil or within the knowledge of Indian investigation agencies, wouldnt the US have behaved differently? The common man in India is, therefore, bewildered about the real design and sincerity of the US, a country that is neither reliable nor dependable and is concerned with purely selfinterest.

Their unusual doles of money and arms to Pakistan a perpetrator of world terrorism is indicative of their Mindset.

Should India have alliance with such an unprincipled regime?

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