Thursday, November 26, 2009

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh visits America

"Values bind us" said our honest and kind hearted Prime Minister when he gave this message to the American President during his recent visit to that country. However, this failed to cut much ice with him as the sequence of events illustrates. That the head of Democratic party in United States one of the largest democracies in the world preferred the autocratic and dictatorial regimes of China and Pakistan over India the largest democracy is indicative of the Obama's Mindset and future relations with India. Both USA and India have been victims of Pak based and engineered terrorism but Barack Hussain Obama blatantly ignored to confirm that US financial and arms supplies to Pakistan will not used against India. It is not unfair to conclude that "values are behind us" and not bind us any more.

There has been no worthwhile gain of the present visit as America neither agreed on nuclear issues nor on terrorism related matters. This attitude was became clear to the common man in India when our investigation team that went to examine the terror suspect Hadley but was unceremoneously ejected out. That our Prime Minister has returned empty hands needs no more mention. There were achievements though of red carpet, being the first state guest, glittering state dinner and best of rehtorics. Now India has to decide that it has to tend its field itself with expectations of outside sources.

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