Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pakistan Rulers lose Balance of Mind

Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik's ridiculous accusation of India giving financial aid to Talibans is a joke of the century. It demonstrates the frustration of Pak rulers in meeting the situation of their own creation. The entire world including people of Pakistan know as to who and for what purpose the monster of Talibans was created. As the well known saying goes "as you sow, so shall you reap". The disintegeration of Pakistan is in the least interest of India for maintaining stability in the region. But if rulers of that country are bent upon self destruction by promoting violence,hatred and fanaticism, who can help them. This unfortunate and irresponsible statement of Mr. Malik has come at a time when India has been making out of the way overtures to build bridges between the countries. It is ironic that when India tries to move one step forward the powers in Pakistan move two steps backwards.It is time that people of Pakistan should throw out such organisations out of power who have not allowed them to keep pace with the changing times and taste peace and prosperity.

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