Saturday, March 27, 2010

Equality before Law

The conduct of Narendra Modi the first Chief Minister to have appeared before the Special Investigation Team appointed by the Supreme Court to investigate the communal riots in Gujarat in the year 2002, has raised his respect and stature in the minds of people. True to his words, he s proved that no one is above the law. The way he maintained his grace, dignity and poise in answering the long list of questions posed to him is praise worthy.

2. In contrast, those accused of more heinous crimes of 1984 in which more than three thousand innocent Sikhs were butchered in cold blood and burnt alive in Delhi and elsewhere are making mockery of the justice apparently with political support. The people are therefore, right when they view the interrogation of Narendra Modi as a political vendetta directed against the opponents of the ruling regime . If law and justice is equitably applicable to all citizens then the culprits of 1984 riots particularly the then Home Minister and other accused political leaders need to be subjected to detailed investigations and judicial scrutiny. But unfortunately that is not being done and thus losing people's faith in equality before law.

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