Friday, May 28, 2010

Restore Army Standards

The details emerging out of the inquiry by Armed Forces Tribunal in the case of Retired Brigadier Devinder Singh for his performance in Kargil War makes a distressing reading. Our Armed forces have been earning most remarkable distinctions of valour, bravery and discipline the world over since times immemorial. That it is now being infected with personal jealousies, corruption, petty mindedness is a matter of grave concern. But for personal prejudices, Brigadier Devinder Singh would have perhaps been the highest decorated officer. But alas the time lost once never comes back. In the face of such incidents the national pride in our Armed Forces gets a severe downslide jolt. There have most despicable cases of espionage for the enemy countries in the force.This calls for an immediate probe into the factors leading to the deterioration of standards. There is also a loss of interest among the country's youth to join the forces which was considered a pride of place once. These factors require complete overhaul of the training and motivational schedule on urgent basis. The Ministry of Defence should not delay the re-orientation programme by setting up time guzzling Committees and Commissions for the purpose but act immediately before it is too late.

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