Sunday, June 13, 2010


The confession of Congress Party at a time when their skeletons were being taken out by Media, former bureaucrats and Police Officers, that they helped the Chief of Carbide, the person responsible for the macabre deaths of 15000 innocent Civilians in Bhopal is a shameful act on their part. The argument that they did so in the interest of law and order situation is a lame excuse and deserves condemnation. In fact their confession has come after a long time of hibernation and internal scheming to cover up the entire episode when they found the ground slipping under their feet. Now people can easily link up the VIP treatment extended to the Anderson and later on changing the charges against the Carbide under Section 34A fom Section 34.

The roles of Central, State Governments, CBI and Judiciary also stands exposed. The same things happened in the case of Bofor Scam where the principal accused Ottavio Quatrochi was given a safe passage and the enforced agencies were administered with a short of numbness. Are we still being ruled by foreign powers and the local leaders have been hypnotized to ignore national tragedies and dance to the tunes of who pays them the most? When will we rise to the level of our conscience and nationalism.


  1. well said ,albeit in vain !
    why are you trying to imbue a storm in such a soul that has no more.
    thanks and i felt very good by flicking through on your blog.

  2. you are absolutely right. But sometimes your blood boils and you cannot control your emotions.