Thursday, December 13, 2012

Abjure Divide & Rule Policy

The Constitutional amendment Bill to provide for reservations in civil services is a dangerous proposition which will not only knock out the secular fabric of our Constitution but also sow the seeds of communal divide in the administrative services of the country. The founders of our Constitution particularly Baba Sahib Ambedkar were visionaries who laboured hard to ensure the stability, integrity and secularity of the nation and provided the framework
 2. In order to keep the interest of weaker sections of the society, provisions were made for reservations in making appointments in civil services for a period of ten years
as per the situation and traditions prevailing at that time. These reservations were linked on caste basis. After the lapse of prescribed period of ten years,however, these provisions have perpetuated and further more complicated with demands for inclusions of more Castes and not on economic considerations.
3. Almost all the political parties are playing Caste based politics and have destroyed the Secular character of the country. In the existing situation in civil services also there is an undercurrent of hostility between the general category employees and those from the reserved category. The reservations in promotions will further aggravate the situation and adversely affect performance.

                     4. When we look back towards our freedom struggle, we always blamed Britishers for the Divide & Rule policy. Are our rulers not following the same cursed policy to disintegrate the country? Why can't we take lessons from the democratic countries like USA ,Britain and other European nations where principal of equality is followed in letters and spirits. The future generations will not forgive us for these Caste based divisions.

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