Friday, November 23, 2012

Keep Civil Servants away from Political Games

The ugly spat between the ruling party and the opposition over the spectrum allocation is turning murkier every day with allegations and counter allegations. The Government had denied initially that there was no loss in the allocation and even if it was it was merely notional. When the skeletons tumbled out of its closset it started a vilification game against the C.A.G. Now that P.A.C has finalised its report, it has put on show a former civil servant to claim that there was much less loss than projected by CAG. It is really interesting to note that the Government is now not contesting the loss nor lack of its integrity in the deal but the amount of loss. Does it absolve it from the charges of corruption?

                               2. The other sordid part of this game is involving Civil Servants in the political games. The Bureaucracy in India was build in the frame of a stable steel structure which could withstand the influence of changes in Governments and political masters and function with honesty and integrity. It is tragic that this structure is being dismembered by political forces of the country. The Civil Servants are being politicised and corrupted with greedy offers etc. This will wreck the roots of democracy in our country and follow the Spoils system. The conduct of R.P. Singh who has levelled charges against his own boss and his alleged admission of having succumbed to pressures in signing the Report is condemnable and deserves action under the Civil Services Conduct Rules. The political parties need to keep the civil servants away from their games.

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