Monday, November 19, 2012

Bleeding Gaza

    The entire world is shocked to view the sight of bleeding and dying images of young innocent children, women and men as a result of the senseless conflict in Isreal & Gaza. It is abundantly clear that it was Hamas the terrorist wing of the international radical group which initiated the rocket firing on the Israel territory. Until then there was peace on both sides except the traditional hostility.The Isreal had to act in self defence for the security of its citizens and take retaliatory action.

                  2. The Hamas or any other organisation behind this bloody scuffle could not be unaware about its strength vis-Avis the might of Isreal and the consequences. The Hamas cannot absolve itself from the colossal loss of human lives and property their actions have caused to particularly civilians of Gaza as well as Isreal. There will be cease fire after some time but the families of innocent kins killed will bear the scars life long. The temporary ceasefire will not solve this problem unless the terrorism is routed out from the soil of earth through concerted global efforts.

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