Monday, November 19, 2012

Well deserved rebuke by Supreme Court

The well deserved rebuke to the Government by Supreme Court in the 2 G spectrum auction should caution it from the way it has been responding to numerous scams that have tarnished its image in the public minds. Instead of taking correctional route it is misguided by its advisers to go in for defensive mode and politicise the issues.

       2. The only purpose of the Government to partially auction the spectrum instead of the entire 122 cancelled licences as ordered by the Supreme Court was to gain browny points and ridicule the findings of the CAG. The unbecoming and satirical statements made by some Ministers against the Comptroller & Auditor General, a constitutional authority over his loss assessment in the spectrum allocation have now fallen flat on its face following the Court's comments. It will now give more fuel to the opposition to fire the Government. It is time for the Government and its Ministers to act with more maturity and use civilised language towards its adversaries and particularly incumbents of constitutional Offices.

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