Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Phone Bugs

It was an incredible and shocking news revealing that Reliance Communications the Network Service Provider tapped phones 1.5 lakh times in just three months on the orders of Government authorities. Besides Reliance Communications there are other Service providers like Airtel,Vodafone,MTNL etc. etc. Who would have also been utilised by the authorities for similar purpose. This is appalling and suggestive of the authorities having gone crazy.

2. The power to bug the phones is intended to track the hard core criminals, anti national activities, smuggliers and drug peddlers etc. Etc. It is not to be used against political adversaries or critics of the Government or its agencies. However, the scale of bugging is suggestive of its gross misuse and possible abuse. Are we living in a democratic set up where every citizen except the criminals are under scanner. Because if the criminals were being scanned, there would not be continuous sharp increase in crime rate.

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