Saturday, February 12, 2011

White Rose Revolution in Egypt

The historic public struggle against the despotic and corrupt rule of Egypt President Hosni Mubarak culminating in his surrender to public wishes within 18 days is is a lesson for all dictators of the world. Egyptian people deserve unflinching praise for strengthening the maxim "Voice of the people is the voice of God". Unfortunately, there were 300 casualties in this mass movement but considering the scale of one million people gathered in the Tahrir Square this sacrifice was perhaps minimal under the circumstances.

2. The revolution in Egypt is a follow up of theJasmine revolution in Tunis and can be aptly described as White Rose Revolution. We have to learn many lessons from the way people conducted themselves by generally remaining non-violent and sparing the public property from damage. It was an amazing display of solidarity, maturity, patience, rectitude and determination. The Army also played a people friendly role for which they deserve gratitude. The things would have been different in any other country under similar circumstances. Let us hope and pray that democracy will soon be restored in Egypt.

3. At the end of day it is a wake up call for all despots and Dictators of the world to heed to the aspirations of the people and give up their avarice for money and power as the winds of change will throw them out, if they don't relent.

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