Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hillary Clinton's visit to Kolkata-breach of international convention

The news about Hillary Clinton, American Secretary of State's stop over in Kolkatta to discuss with West Bengal Chief Minister about foreign Direct Investment in multi brand and important international issues like Teesta water is alarming. The left is,perhaps, right in asserting that it amounts to interfering in the internal affairs of the country. If viewed from the international protocol, no nation is expected to directly holds discussions with a state Government on national or international issues. The proper course is to raise the issues with the national Government. This incident reflects poorly on our Central Government which is acting like a mute spectator. It will set a very bad precedent for the country where any foreign government will interact directly with the State Government on issues of their interest by passing the national Government at the centre. American Government is known for its arrogant Behaviour and interference in the domestic affairs of the countries. Its attitude towards India is well reflected in the recent statement of President Obama against BPOs in India.We should,therefore, strongly protest such undiplomatic overtures which are against the international code of conduct.


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