Tuesday, May 15, 2012

U.P. Elections reject dynastic charm

Sonia Gandhi's denial mode about the role of her son Rahul Gandhi in U.P. Debacle demonstrates the uncomfortable reluctance on the part of Congress leadership to admit its short falls in poll strategy and campaign style in U.P. Elections. It was misunderstood that personal charisma of Gandhi clan will yield maximum out put among the gullible rural masses. So the entire Gandhi family down to the grand kids were put on the stage but it failed to click into votes. Similarly the Caste & Communal cards failed to enthuse the masses.The theatrics of Rahul Gandhi in tearing into pieces the manifestoes of the opposing parties had negative impact.
                                                  2. These elections have have given many lessons not only to the Congress party but to all the political set ups in the country. It should be recognised that the present day voter is highly enlightened politically and does not succumb to sectarian or religious cards but seeks development, employment and good living conditions.

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