Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Unethical and Biased Press of India

How the Media is prejudiced and acting as the spokespersons for the Govt. can be judged from the following news published in Hindustan Times."VVIP treatment for Shah in VVIP prison"(H.T. Dated 27-7-2010) . It is alleged in this biased piece of news item that Amit Shah the former Minister of Home in Gujarat has been permitted by the Court to eat home cooked food and get clothes from home while in judicial custody. Further, that he ate home cooked Khichri, Dal and rice.

2. Amit Shah has been detained in judicial custody facing trial on various charges which will be proved or rejected by the long drawn judicial process in due course. In other words, he is not a convict and the person is to be assumed innocent till proved guilty. He was given permission by the Court to eat home cooked food and use clothes and bed supplied from home. So what is the big deal? The Paper has given a new imaginative meaning to the word "VVIP treatment" by disclosing that he ate Khichri, rotis, dal and rice cooked at home. I hope that Five Star Hotels will take a cue from it and revise their Menu Cards and Tariffs.

2. On the other hand it did not think it proper to highlight the happenings in Arthur Road Jail of Mumbai where two heinous anti-national terrorists charged and convicted of mass murders, extortions and anti national crimes were enjoying the best things of life viz. Special food, clothings, basket full of fruits and a special bath Room. This is not a imaginative story but the disclosures made by a Minister of the Government. The reporting by the newspapers is expected to be factual and un-biased. That the Press will stoop down so low in its reporting is shameful and regrettable.

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