Saturday, July 17, 2010

Indo-Pak Talks in Islamabad- Shameful display of etiquettes

It was no body's expectation that the the Indo-Pak talks in Islamabad initiated in all probability at the instance of U.S.A will produce any worthwhile result going by the past record track of that country. As every one knows in the world that there are two power structures in that country, politicians who ostensibly rule the country and the Army which wields the real power. So the parleys with the political set up for initiating peaceful process with that country cannot and has not produced any results on the ground. It was a well known fact to the people and Governments of both ountries.

2. What is however, deplorable is the fact that it is first time in the history of world diplomacy that a Press Conference at the end of bilateral talks was brought to the lowest level of decency and un precedent debate of mudslinging by Pakistan's Foreign Minister and Pak Journalists. It is a universal practice in international diplomacy that difference of opinions are debated in the bilateral official talks and in the Press Conference that follows both sides broadly explain their points of view. But in the case of Press Conference that followed Indo-Pak talks all cannons of decency and accepted conventions were blown to the winds and Pak Foreign Minister reduced it to a debate and Pak Journalists added fuel to the fire by their rude and undignified questions fed to them. Do you think that this type of behaviour will help restore peace and confidence between the two countries. Pak authorities ignored action against terrorists like Hafiz Sayeed and Salhauddin and infiltrators and on the other hand had the cheeks to ask for Kasab's repatriation. Let us stop this futile exercise of talks and talks.

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