Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bug Bites the British Pharma

The announcement by a group of British researchers about the widespread presence of a new gene that makes a number of bacteria resistant to top antibiotics is a mischievous attempt to target the Indian Medical community and to create panic among British and American citizens flocking to India for medical treatment. Their pervension has gone to the extent of naming it “New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase”

2.However, the bug menace is not of that scale and magnitude as has been projected by the British researcher as to cause panic among the prospective expatriates intending to undergo surgeries in India. The bug to the same extent has been found in British Hospitals. The people are attracted to Indian medical facilities not only for economic reasons but because of excellent patient care arrangements and the highest skill level of our Surgeons. It will not be out of place to mention that about 70 percent of British Health Service is manned by Indian Doctors. Despite this, the so called researchers have the cheeks to indirectly malign the Indian Medical services. In America people have to wait for months for surgeries at a ruinous cost. So they prefer India. A large number of African citizens come to India for similar reasons.

2. This is obviously a part of conspiracy on the part of multinational pharma Companies who are losing business to create scare and panic as if the gene emerges only in India. The fact of the matter is that the colonial mindset of British and the superiority complex of Americans cannot digest the facts about the emergence hard working, honest and highly trained Indian professionals in the global scene. Another example is the new Visa policy of U.S.A. to restrict the entry of Indian I.T. professionals.Whereas, on most of the important positions both at the Federal and State levels persons of Indian origin have been deployed because of their merit. So let us ignore these hoax calls and carry on with our business.

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