Tuesday, August 17, 2010

From Stones to Shoes

The incident involving the hurling of a shoe at Chief Minister of Kashmir during independence day celebrations at Srinagar is most deplorable, despicable and deserves condemnation from all civilised persons. That Omar Abdullah remained cool , brave and magnanimous displayed his mature cultural upbringing. He rightly stated that the month of Ramzan is a holy month for followers of Islam who are expected to purify themselves both in words and deeds. That the separatists and their masters across the borders have neither respect for human lives nor the edicts of Islam stands exposed in their actions in the valley where the common man is sandwiched between the terrorists and the State forces.

2. This incident has, however, raised many questions. That these nefarious forces could penetrate the security cordon in the VVIP area is a matter of grave concern. It is a providential escape for Omar as anything could happen if the criminal turned militant were armed. Secondly, no political leader of any consequence has condemned the incident but indirectly justifying the same as a specimen of people anger against the regime. It was only early in the morning that Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh had repeated his offer of dialogue with the Kashmiri people. It should now be clear to the Government that the separatists and agents of terror will not allow the people of Kashmir to rest in peace nor will they heed any offer of sanity Time has come, therefore that Government should act firmly with those having designs to subvert the integrity of the country and send them to a place where they belong. In the meantime,immediate imposition of President Rule in the State is called for.

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