Saturday, August 21, 2010

Beggars are choosers these days

The unprecedented floods in Pakistan have brought death, destruction and misery for 40 million poor people in that country. The Government of that country which had been concentrating on arms built up since its origin was ill prepared to meet the challenge of this magnitude nor had they strengthened their disaster management system after the earthquake in the recent past. They had no choice but to rotate a begging bowl to the world community. The world community's response has been tremendous along with cautionary notes that the money should be spent for the purpose for which it has been donated.

2. India also responded to its appeal and offered $4 Million despite the fact that it faced similar situations in Ladakh and areas of Uttarkhand. Pakistan however, dilly dallied far a number of days till it faced criticism and rebuke from world powers for playing politics even at a time of natural disaster and national calamity. This action demonstrates the mind set of authorities in promoting ill will and poisoning the minds
of common man in both countries. Can there be any progress in pursuing peace talks with the establishment in Pakistan? Normally, it is the Donor who decides the receipients.In this case,beggars have become the choosers

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