Sunday, August 29, 2010

Colour of Terrorism

India has been a victim of terrorism for the past many years mainly Jihadi groups under numerous masks viz. LeT,HUJA etc. proclaiming to to wipe out non-Muslims from this country. But the Muslim majority in the country have disowned them and termed their activities as un-Islamic.

Home Minister's statement at the meeting of the Heads of Security establishments describing the emergence of "Saffron Terrorists"was a most irresponsible use of words deflecting the serious issue of combating the violent activities and decimating the groups involved in the heinous crimes against humanity. Mr. Chidambaram has the reputation of a mature, suave and learned man of letters.How could he give political and communal colour on such a serious matter baffles his admirers. Leaders of all political parties and intellectuals in the country have said time and again that terrorism has no colour or religion. There were terrorists activities in Punjab, Mumbai, North East and other parts of the country but even the worst critics or the affected parties never branded it on religious or communal basis.

Our national flag has three colours and many hues and so has our multi ethnic society with a record of co-existence and harmony. Why call terrorism as red, green or saffron as there is only word to describe it i.e."Terrorism". Let us not divide the nation on communal basis for narrow political gains as such descriptions are prone to with serious consequences. Let Mr.Chidambaram regret the use of inappropriate words, if not apologise to the nation.

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