Friday, September 17, 2010

All Party Delegation to Kashmir on a Pleasure Trip

The decision to send an All Party team to Kashmir to discuss the problems with the locals and suggest solutions is a diversionary tactic on the part of the Government. The problems in Kashmir and its solution is well known to the common man in the street as well as the Government. The Government has failed to take the required measures to fight the militancy and the Pak sponsored separatists under the laws of the land. As such the proposed visit of the All Party team will be nothing more than a pleasure trip. The perpetrators and sponsors of the violence in the valley have refused to participate in the dialogue with the team. And the moderates remain under constant threat from the militants. Therefore, the Team has no worthwhile role to play and no representative of the people to talk with.

2. We have only been talking to various political groups in the valley for the past 63 years knowing fully well that it is not the peace loving people of Kashmir who are behind the violence and militancy but the external power fighting a proxy war through its paid agents. After biting dust in its infilteration bids at the hands of Indian Armed Forces, they have now evolved a new tactic of inducing innocent youths in stone throwing by giving them monetary considerations.

3. So the problem is very clear that it is a proxy War waged by Pakistan through its agents. The law of the land is clear about handling the traitors and protecting the sovereignty of the State. We have examples of Isreal , Srilanka, Phillipines etc. to how they deal with traitors of the nation. What is preventing us from firmly acting against such elements and dumping them where they belong. Similarly, it is time to fight to the finish with the external force that poses a threat to our integrity. No nation in the world ever talks or negotiates with foreign spies. So let us not waste time in dialogues and speeches but concentrate on firm actions prescribed under the law of land.

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