Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Collapsing Buildings

The gruesome tragedy in the Laxmi Nagar locality of East Delhi has shaken the hearts of even the most insensitive persons. The collapse of unauthorised building has claimed innocent lives of more than 60 persons including women and children and more than 80 are struggling in various hospitals for their lives. All the persons were labourers with low incomes and were staying as tenants in the building.

2. As per the established pattern, the State Government has announced a compensation of Rs.2 lakhs for every deceased and free treatment for the injured. Also an Inquiry Committee has been set up to find out the reasons for the accident and the persons responsible for it. Also a hunt is on for the owner of the said building.

3. It is a big joke on the people on the part of the people. The Building was not built a day before and its five storey height could not be invisible to the civic officials and police authorities speaks volumes. There are no unknown reasons which the proposed Inquiry Committee will explore. The facts are well known to every one both the authorities and public. The builders, civic officials and the police are main culprits who connive in these activities under the patronage of political leaders like Corporator, M.L.A and M.P. This will not be the last tragedy in the city as we are surrounded by illegal and unsafe constructions at every step. Which Government will take the bold step of demolishing all unauthorised and unsafe structures, immediately punishing the concerned officials and others. Unless some radical measures are take, owners will get bail from the Courts, corrupt officials will escape punishment for want of evidence and no one dare touch the politicians

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