Sunday, November 7, 2010

Has Obama any answers

The much awaited visit of President Obama to India is a realty now.He was a tactless President who started with controversial comments even before he started his journey to India. His press statement at Mumbai was equally a disappointment as he condemned the massacre of 26/11 but failed to condemn and name the perpertrators of this massacre.

2. President Obama excelled himself in rhetorics at the time of his election in 2008 but failed to deliver and the American nation have suitably responded in the recent elections. Well, that is their internal matter.

2. His external policies and relations have been equally dismal. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been very costly both in human and material loss. The unprecedented scale of doles given to Pakistan have failed to contain the terrorism and terrorists for which these baits were thrown. When the American economy is under stress and un employment is ruling at 10 percent, his tour in India is stated to cost Rs.900 Crores per day. This may be one of the causes of economic crisis of America.
It is natural and justified for a host country to expect positive reactions and measures in bilateral relations during such visits, as otherwise, what is the purpose of such visits. However, Obama has cold shouldered India right from the day he assumed office. He skipped India from his visits to various countries immediately after his election. His policy about out sourcing is singularly targeted against India although it has contributed substantially to promote their economy and professional experties. The Visa seekers in India are humiliated and subjected to maltreatment by American Embassy.The role of U.S. Administration in with holding the information gathered from David Headley which might have prevented the Mumbai massacre cannot be easily ignored The recent comments of President Obama to a Journalist about two important and sensitive issues viz. Dual civil nuclear treaty and India's bid for permanent seat in U.N. Security Council describing them as difficult and complex issues were tactless and undiplomatic. He could have ignored the question as no visiting dignitary will pre-empt the bilateral issues with negative responses. This amply demonstrates the reasons for frustration in the minds of Indian public about the sincerity of U.S. Administration towards India. Well, what answers we expect, if any.

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