Friday, October 26, 2012

British overtures to Narendra Modi

We seem to be giving undue and unnecessary importance to the visit of British High Commissioner to Gujarat and meeting with Narendra Modi. The British had maintained an indiscreet distance from Modi following United States refusal to refuse Visa to Modi on the pretext of human rights violation in Gujarat. It is no secret that Britain has no international standing either on political or economic level but is virtually a valet of America. It is proverbially known as a nation of shop keepers and cares only its trading interests.

2. The action of American Govt. in refusing Visa to Modi was also in bad taste and against international conventions amounting to interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign country as Modi represents as head of a Indian State. A reciprocal action on the part of India would not have been tolerated by America. Is the present move thro' Britain is American strategy to mend fences viewing the political climate in India where Modi is emerging a contender for the top post in the coming elections? Our political system, in any case, gives no room to the foreign interference and it is the opinion of local people which counts and matters.

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