Friday, October 26, 2012

Cosmetic Changes of Desperate UPA Government

            This is with reference to the proposed reshuffle in Congress led UPA Government. This reshuffle is mainly attributed to bring Rahul Gandhi at the forefront of Governing strategies and is being cited as the second Kamraj Plan. Since this plan is coming in the ninth year of UPA rule (which can aptly be described as misrule) it is doubtful whether it will meet the eyes of people.
2.      The move is coming at the time of impending general elections in the country when the image of the ruling party has been extremely sullied following a series of scams and frauds during its regime. The churning of portfolios and induction of young leaders sponsored by Rahul Gandhi alone cannot build confidence unless the values of honesty,integrity and experience are given weightage in the proposed appointments.
3.     The undue consideration being given to Rahul Gandhi in the exercise will strengthen the charge of dynastic politics. His charm did not work in U.P.and certainly he has no magic wand to win the coming elections.
3.        During Kamraj Plan all those holding positions in the party and government were made to resign but in the current strategy. There is n Elections o move to change the President of the party and other big wigs. It is,therefore, to be seen whether the proposed cosmetic changes will bear any fruit for the Congress.

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