Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lok Pal Bill and Politicians

The all party meeting convened by the Government to discuss Lok Pal Bill was more as a tea party gathering as neither the Government was transparent about the contents of the proposed Bill nor the political parties were sincere to make their stands clear. If the parties wanted to discuss the Bill while it was introduced in the Parliament one wonders about the objective of convening this meeting. The only ostensible purpose appeared to unite against the emergence of Civil rights movements which is perceived to be a potential threat to the political parties.

It should not be forgotten that it was the Civil Right groups that galvanised the nation against the mounting corruption in the country and the political parties did precious little all these years to combat the menace of cancerous corruption spreading the entire system of governance. In fact most of the culprits belonged to the political class.

The ruse of elected representatives absolute right to decide about social reforms, managing the corrupt and corruption cannot be accepted by the people at large who feel crushed and frustrated by the political parties whom they voted in power in good faith and belief. That majority of these political parties cheated the nation needs no elaboration. There have been unprecedented number of scams and frauds of huge magnitude and the initial reluctance of the Government to shield the guilty has completely shaken the faith of the people. It is in this context that the civil right movements evolve amongst the people and play corrective role. We are witnessing this in the Middle East and it should act as a wake up call for us also. It is the high time now that an effective mechanism be set up to meet the challenge to restore the confidence of the people in the institutions of democracy which includes the fundamental rights of speech and expression of all citizens. If the government is now challenging the Civil Right Group's authority, then why they have been holding official meetings with them.

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