Sunday, July 31, 2011

Select the right persons in political set ups

The sordid drama enacted by disgraced B S Yeddyurappa the out going Chief Minister of Karnatak following his indictment by Lokayukta for corruption and land grabbing is a matter of concern for all political parties in the country. Despite directives from his Party High Command to step away from Office, he has been trying all tricks like astrology, majority support cast considerations and unreasonable conditions to cling to power either in the party or in government. It indicates the levels to which the politicians can stoop low in their greed for power and money. BJP has taken the right decision to reject all his frivolous conditions to save its image in the public eye. It also realises that the allegations against Yeddyurappa will ultimately find place in public prosecution and it will greatly undermine the image of the party.

2. This is not the only case of its kind that has happened in the country where a Chief Minister has defied the orders of its party high command when asked to relinquish office on charges of corruption or misgovernment. Political parties of all hues in the country have faced almost similar situations. One of the reason for this malady is the wrong choice of the leader who secure their nomination on the basis of money power. This all around corruption leads to chain reactions of corrupt practices by those who crown themselves through corruption. All political parties should conduct introspection and make proper selection of candidates to save the democratic norms.

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