Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Look After yourself- Hillary Clinton

The present visit of Hillary Clinton, U.S. Secretary of State to India has been a non-event as it has belied all expectations both political as well as economic. Although the Government of India was under illusions of securing support particularly in taming Pakistan and its terrorism workshops, Hillarly was blunt in conveying that it is your problem and you are supposed to look after it. She also did not mince words saying that Pakistan is a greater victim of terrorism. In other words. India should only expect statements of condemnations whenever any terror activity takes place on its soil. Thi position was clear from day one Barack Obama took over as President of USA. We should not forget the treatment meted out to our investigated team in the case of David Headly, a major player in Mumbai'26/11 carnage.

2. The present visit has solely been motivated by promotion of unilateral trade involving U.S. Interests and not bilateral trade. They have also cheated us in the case of Nuclear Civil Treaty and want to water down the proposed Nuclear Liability Bill to suit the interests of American suppliers of equipments. Should we not take adequate measures to keep a distance from such a unreliable and undependable so called ally?

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