Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Who is ruling this country?

The news about the audacious and irresponsible behaviour of Mukul Roy the Minister of State for Railways in brazen insensitivity towards the victims of two tragic rail accidents in the country is most despicable and inhuman. While the whole country was grieving for the unfortunate victims and residents of the surrounding villages, truck drivers and cyclists came out in drones to render voluntarily to help the victims of accident the dis-honourable Minister(he has forfeited his title for being addressed as Honourable) refused to visit the site of accidents despite Prime Minister's orders. This further strengthens the common man's growing aversion towards politicians. His argument that he is not the Railway Minister and Prime Minister is further indicates the perversity of his mind even in a national disaster.

2. This incident cannot be treated as a casual stubbornness of a disgruntled individual but needs serious review about the existing governance pattern. The opposition charge about dysfunctional and powerless Prime Minister gains strength and credibility. This is not Coalition Dharma but Adharma. What was expected was a strong rebuke to the Minister from her Party Chief but she chose to remain silent and in all probability will seek his elevation in the Cabinet. How proud will be the nation to have such insensitive self seekers to rule over them?

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