Thursday, December 19, 2013

Corruption VS. Lokpal

This is with reference to the question being raised whether Lokpal is the final solution to corruption in India". The inevitable answer to the question is obviously in the negative. The corruption in India is in the form of blood cancer which has afflicted all sections of the society and all wings of administration whether executive,legislature and even judiciary. Its unbearable level of pain has aroused the conscience of he nation to seek remedial measures. The setting up of the institution is one step in this direction. 2. It is evident that even the most deterrent punishments provided in legal framework have not been successful in eliminating the crime. If it were so, there won't be murders, robberies or rapes. No doubt these measures do help in reduction of such cases to some extent. What is more effective to curb these anti social depravity is through education at home, educational institutions and of course religious congregations to change the Mindset. Let us hope and pray that there is a wide spread awareness in the country about this institution where people can knock its door without fear or fret about cases of corrupt practices to inculcate the fear of law.

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