Thursday, April 4, 2013

Blurred inclusive vision

The 75 minutes marathon speech delivered by Rahul Gandhi in a true Shakespearan theatrical style at the conclave of Conclave of Indian Industry deserved the applause it received as it was full of jokes, anecdotes and useful lessons about governance. Rahul was honest in enumerating the multiple ailments afflicting the nation like lack of economic growth, highest rate of inflation,corruption, dismal poverty and growing unemployment. These horrifying bugs were also also mentioned by our economist Prime Minister a week earlier.
2. Since the country is now readying for the next general elections a few months away, we are being subjected to rhetorics of different political hues. But the litany of issues raised by Rahul Gandhi has a special significance.One wonders whether he is indulging in self condemnation for the ills of governance as a Vice President of the ruling Party? Congress has been ruling this country for more than six decades and now continuously for nine years and is unquestionably responsible for all the mess enumerated by Rahul Gandhi. Neither Rahul Gandhi nor Prime Minister have talked about the solutions to these maladies. The concept of inclusive growth to the general public so far has signified growth of Kalamadis, A. Raja and Robert Vadras. There is no promise of any remedial steps to tide over the critical situation the nation is facing today but an irritating rebuke that no one person can solve these issues. So help us God.

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