Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nitish Kumar more worried about Modi than Bihar

The proceedings of the Janta Dal(United) national meet have given birth to a strange new trend to the political culture. Normally, such meets are designed to consolidate & strengthen its cadres, discuss about the growth, governance, development activities and economic policies in the States ruled by it and the country as a whole. None of these serious issues received any importance at the said meet.

2. The main focus of the speech of Nitish Kumar, Chief Minister of Bihar was directed at Narender Modi bashing under the hallucination in his mind about Modi being projected as the Prime Ministerial candidate. This really embarrassed the leaders and cadres of JD(U) because there are many more pressing & urgent problems facing Bihar which require consideration & action. Nitish Kumar forgot in his enthusiasm that he represents a regional party and its national presence is because of its 17 years alliance with BJP. His irresponsible and untimely criticism has almost brought JD(U) on the brink of breakdown with BJP which its mature and sagacious leader Sharad Yadav has solidly cemented over the years. In the light of forthcoming general elections, the top priority of the opposition political parties is to plan strategy to replace the existing party in power and not create internal controversies. There is also no doubt that at present Narendra Modi has established himself undisputed national leader but the elections are far away and one cannot predict the future course of events. Nitish Kumar has downgraded himself by his untimely utterances as well as damaged the interests of his party.

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