Monday, January 28, 2013

Respect is Commanded, not Demanded

This is with reference to the cribblings of S.Janaki and Sushil Kumar about their claims for Padma Awards.. It is really unfortunate that Sushil Kumar and S. Janki should have raised the issue of self assessment of Padma awards and their eligibility. These awards were instituted to recognize and honour citizens for their excellent performances in various fields viz. Art & science, public service, sports etc. Etc. The four categories established for the purpose indicate the scale or grade of achievements by the selected persons which is determined by a Committee constituted every year before the Republic Day. The Committee comprises human beings who cannot be described infallible in their judgement. But the principles of humility and etiquette refrains any one from disputing the scale of rewards of any nature.The Padma rewards are given on voluntary basis in cases of appreciation and are seperate from rewards given to employees for their work performance.

2. It is pertinent to state that these awards are honorific and confer respect and recognition of achievement but no material advantages . There is a popular saying that respect is commanded and not demanded. So it will be wise for Sushil Kumar and Ms. Janki to restrain their emotions and expectations and leave it to others to judge them. There is no denying the fact that for sometimes past these awards have become subject of undue pressures.

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